About me


Hi ! I’m Alice Fournier, welcome to my website. I am a self taught artist who works on logos, phone applications and video games.

My original work field is biology and animal behaviour. What I really enjoyed about those were the observation aspect, but as I graduated, I realized that the job was more about reading other’s observations and writing papers. At the age of 23 I, then, decided to get back on an old hobby : drawing !

I first tackle down the basic, figure drawing, perspective, shapes construction and rendering with the help of books like Force : dynamic life drawing by Mike Mattesi or How to Draw and How to render from Scott Robertson. With practice I was able to draw what my imagination could create. I studied colors in pictures and paintings to help my understanding of their relationship.

By September 2017, I had made a few requests for friends (logos, cards, …) and decided to join a video game project. As a two men project I endorsed the artistic part, charged with the character and universe design as well as the animation. The latter was a new challenge for me as I studied the subject with Richard Williams’s book : The animator’s survival kit. I knew the theory, now I needed to apply it for the project.
It is an ongoing project so you can find my progress in the R&B folder, under the portfolio menu.

You can also browse my other projects, there are also many sketches and personal drawing you can find in the “others” folder.