L’instant Boulette

“L’instant Boulette” is a logo I did for Doriane and Oceane’s food truck. They commissioned me to represent there company with a raccoon. The challenge was to associate the animal with the right elements so that people would understand what they were selling ; meatballs.

Rough sketches

After discussion they decide to settle on a symmetrical design, choosing the number 1 drawing as their favourite. Working with photoshop, I inked the drawing, add values to the design and asked them to choose the composition they preferred. Their wishes being that the logo be in gray scale.



At this point of the making we figured that the cutlery hold by the raccoon was confusing and not making it clear about they business. So forks and knife were replace for a more clear, straightforward design ; a chef knife and a bigger meatball.

Final logo

The design was settle, typography came last. I used a sober yet not too serious font, we didn’t want to draw the attention on it too much but it had to represent the company as a “cool” business.

Lastly the logo was exported to Adobe Illustrator, vectorize and exported for printing.


You can find Doriane and Oceane’s business informations at the following : L’instant Boulette

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