Rhythm & Blade


Rhythm & Blade is a video game project I joined late 2017. I was approached my an independent developer who had a idea and needed a graphic designer to handle the art side of the project.
The plot of the game happens in modern Asia, in an alternative universe where energy is harvested from temple, statues, or any religious figures. The story follows the path of an heroine that has to restore balance to a nearby city where the energy was overuse to the point of destruction.

My first job was to reference the whole universe and character design to come up with original drawing that would settle the art of the game.

Main character design


The next focus was on animation, we needed to test the character movement before going any further. I first made simple animations with the help of Adobe Flash, then applied them to the current character design. The challenge was to create enough frames to have fluid movements when integrate into the game via the game engine Unity.


Test run for the animations


The first level in ended with a boss fight. All the possible action and reaction of the boss needed to be created. Below are the animations.


Simple attack
Attack 2
Jump and Dive





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